Ali Kerem Gülermen

Ali Kerem Gülermen

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Ali Kerem Gülermen
  • Date of Birth: 23, Μαϊ 1990
  • Residence: Istanbul, Turkey


He was born in Istanbul, Turkey at 1990. He graduated Tekirdag Anatolian High School and Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Cinema Television. He worked several projects as a screenwriter and co-creator for TRT Çocuk. He worked in "An Idle Man" that independental mockumentary feature as director assistant and production manager. He shooted a documentary called "Beyaz Pipo - The White Pipe" about Eskisehir's Meerschaum Pipes and an awarded short film called "Siper İçinde - In A Trench". He translated the book of "How Not to Write A Screenplay" from English into Turkish. His another short film called "The Way Back Home" is officially selected and awarded several local and international festivals. He is a copyrighted writer in ONK Ajans and he is working for Sat7-Türk as a director since 2015.

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