Katerina Giannakopoulou

Katerina Giannakopoulou

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Katerina Giannakopoulou
  • Date of Birth: 22, Σεπ 1982


I am a multidisciplinary awarded director, dancer, actress and choreographer of Greek origins living in Cologne Germany.
I combine modern dance with flamenco and dance theatre using complex rhythms, sounds and music from all over the world to create innovative performances.
My approach is always to deliver a powerful message on a theme through a story performed by a highly developed character using the power of music, dance and performance art.
PANDEMIA, my multiple award winning experimental music film (2020), is my first exclusively solo project which I directed, performed, danced and produced. It is a poignant cautionary tale on the topic of COVID19 from the perspective of Mother Nature as the protagonist.
My collaboration with Mixalis Iliaskos, the creator of Greek Natural Videos started in 2016 with our first multidisciplinary art music video "TO FILAXTO" with Dimitris Tektonidis as D.O.P.
Our role as directors of our music and film production company "GREEK NATURAL VIDEOS" is to showcase our beautiful country and share the richness of Greece by combining poetry, history, music, dance and acting in a more modern cinematically artistic documentary format as we did with "The Tragedy of Domna Visvizi" (2020)
I am also the lead actress in the short film "AS THE WAVE BROKE," directed by Alexandra Bekiou. The movie has already received 50 awards amongst which I was honoured six times in the following categories BEST ACTRESS (New York Film Awards, FilmCon Awards), INSPIRING WOMEN IN A FILM (New York Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards), BEST ENSEMBLE (GRAND JURY AWARD, New York International Film Awards), BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE (MP Film Awards)
I was only 6 years old when I met my first teacher Pina Bausch who guided me when I entered the artistic world of dance theatre giving me the opportunity to take part in all the aspects involved from rehearsals to closing night.
My formation at an early age was in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, flamenco dance and voice training. Since I completed my education as a professional dancer and dance teacher at the University for Arts in Leverkusen at the age of 21.
After that I moved from Germany to Sevilla, Spain where I became “Katerina la Greca” mixing flamenco dance with dance theatre and sharing the stage at international flamenco festivals with Icons like Rocio Molina, Belen Maya, Leonor Leal and more.
At the age of 25 I started to focus more on acting, working in the theatre “Viento Sur” in Sevilla Spain where I got the opportunity to play several main roles such as Phädra (Racine), Celestina (Max Frisch) and Mirandolina (Goldoni).
At the same time I worked as a solo dancer and performer with musicians like Raúl Cantizano, Juan Antonia Suárez, "Cano," Behnam Samani and many more.
Subsequently, I decided to move back to Germany where I took 2.5 years of acting training at the Schauspiel Zentrum Hü̈rth in the areas of film and theater.

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