Kevin McAfee

Kevin McAfee

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Kevin McAfee
  • Date of Birth: 07, Μαρ 1958
  • Residence: United States


Dr. McAfee began his career in 1978 at DISNEY working while working on the first film set of ROCKY II. He would advance to becoming Senior VP of NEST ENTERTAINMENT as a studio executive working with NEW LINE CINEMA. In 2000 he became the CEO of the EVERY TRIBE and produced the award winning feature film documentary BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR and END OF THE SPEAR with FOX. In 2006 he began his own studio VERITAS MISSION FILMS where he completed five award winning films. He recently was asked to become the CEO of OCEANIA FILMS producing #BUTGOD and now, FINAL WORDS OF WWII.

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