Most of the countries in the world are not really working on the equality of men and women. In crucial areas, like education, employment and politics men outnumber women.

Even though a lot of steps are made towards a more equal relationship between men and women during the last century, this is mostly due to the lack and absence of men during and right after the big wars that left their mark on the history of humanity: Women came out of the house in order to fill the gap caused by the absence of men, obeying the call of the contemporary industry.

All the same, unconventionally, but without ignoring all those things achieved through the brave movements for the women's emancipation developed in the 20th century, the way to freedom for women had started. A movement which still goes on since the core of the demands for equality between men and women is still unfulfilled.

And what about art? What is the role of art nowadays in this dynamic process? Even though nobody doubts that in the frame of the contemporary  artistic production social stereotypes are reproduced, which on the one hand want men to be the absolute "protagonists", and on the other hand art is for sure a more advantageous area for the feminine expression contrary to other areas like those of science, politics or entrepreneurship.

Maybe because of that ( that is because women express their truth better through art concerning other social activities) the artistic nature of women is recognized as a discernible one.

Anyway, the fact that art gives a "voice" to women and their artistic expression, is a great achievement. A big step that brings our society closer to the accomplishment of an essential equality between men and women.


Marinella Vlachaki


Member jury