10th International Documentary Film Festival of Ierapetra
Terms and Conditions and 4th International Film Festival of Crete

  • The International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (IDFI) and the International Film Festival of Crete (IFFC) are organized by Chrysea (Municipal Non-Profit Company) in the Melina Mercouri, Kales Fortress, Mosque and outdoor spaces (Mosque Square), Ierapetra boat square, 5-25 August 2023 with live screenings and parallel events - actions through the festival's website.

Aim of the festival

  • IDFI's main purpose is the promotion of Art of Documentary making, presenting a multifaceted universal film program during the event. One of the important aims of the festival is the promotion and the diffusion of documentary production, as well the cooperation and the development of esprit of friendship amongst the artists. We also aspire to attract the interest of the broader community to this unique art of worldwide culture recording, highlighting Ierapetra, the southernmost city of Europe, which has always been the crossroad of continents and civilizations. However, equally important is highlighting the local civilization and especially the Minoan one and its contribution to Universal Culture. The aim of IDFI is therefore, the qualitative upgrade of cultural and intellectual life in local, national and international level, because we believe that culture and cultivation of the intellect are indispensable requisites of our lives. The IDFI is an annual institution and is divided into Panorama where international or national documentary productions (awarded or not), are viewed and the Contest Part.

Τerms of Participation

  • Production Year of All the Contest Section films should be 2022-2023

  • All Greek and foreign Directors have the right to participate, irrelevantly if they live and work in Greece or abroad

  • Participation right to the Contest Part have all Documentaries with subjects under the following topics:

    • Human Rights

    • Recordings Of Memory

    • Fiction Documanter

    • Views of the World

    • True Stories

    • Greek Panorama

    • Human Journeys

    • Ηuman Portraits

    • Young Directors

  • The Documentaries are divided into short films (duration up to 45 minutes) and feature films (duration 46 to 120 minutes)

  • The festival accepts the following film formats for viewing: mp4 file and DVD as accompanying disk

  • Special attention will be given to the film's artistic quality as a total. Also to the Documentary theme and to the direction's exclusivity and originality. Films which do not fulfill the above features will be excluded from the IDFI

  • The films will be viewed with original dialogues, with Greek subtitles

    • If dialogues are Greek, the film must have English subtitles

    • Copies for the preselection process will be submitted with Greek subtitles in DVD/PAL format and mp4 file

    • Only one film per participant and film category will be accepted

  • IDFI is strictly a cultural institution. Viewing fees will not be given to any film

  • Qualifying Committee

    • The Qualifying Committee is a three member committee which consists of the Artistic Director and two independent Directors or Film Critics

    • Selection will be made by simple voting

    • Qualifying Committee is not obliged to mention the reasoning for excluding or selecting a film for the festival

    • The artistic Director of the festival, according to his/her artistic opinion can invite International Films for participating to the Festival

Participation Regulations

  • Film Directors and Producers are obliged to complete and submit the participation form, in which technical data of the documentary will be stated. They are also obliged to comply with the terms and rules of the festival

    • Deadline for submissions is June 20th, 2023

    • The same deadline (June 20th 2023) applies also in case an application form has been e-mailed by the director or producer. In this case the signed hard copy of the application form and the copies of the film (2 DVD /PAL and mp4 file) should be sent by registered mailto the festival address: International Documentary Festival of lerapetra Office: Stratigou Samouil 22 lerapetra Greece, 72200, Tel. 2842110938, Mob. 6948541393 e-mail 

    • The festival will contact only the selected film directors/ producers until July 2th 2023

    • After submitting the application, the director/producer have no right to withdraw their application for any reason

    • Participation details and application form can be found at the festival sites:  www.festivalierapetra.gr and www.facebook.com/festivalierapetra

    • All applications should include:

      • Application form properly filled in and signed by the director and the producer plus accompanying material consisted of: Trailer / DEMO of the film in DVD disk, hard disk, flash disk on any format for viewing

      • Supplementary advertising material (posters, brochures) if available

      • Movie's summary not more than 140 words, in Greek or English

      • Director's biography in paragraph format up to 70 words, Greek and English in digital format

      • Four (4) photos of the film (horizontal) and one (1) photograph of the director, preferably in size 10x15 cm at 300dpi or equivalent sizes

      • Filmography of the director in the form of a column from the most recent to the oldest (chronology, title, type of film, duration) in Greek and English in digital form


  • IDFI will host the film director for 2 night
  • Organizers have the right to arrange accordingly any issue not covered by these terms and regulations

  • Scenes from the documentary (less of 10% of total duration) can be used for publicity purposes (internet, TV etc.)

  • The Festival has the privilege to show the selected Documentaries in other affiliated Festivals, strictly for cultural purposes

Award Juries

Since 2019 there have been two different Committees. A three-member team for the Greek Competition and a Five-Member for the International and European Competitor

  • Every of the Award Jusries consist of 1 President and members

  • The Jury is responsible for the Festival awards

  • One member of the jury will be assigned as representative of the organizers

  • One member of every Jury will be assigned as representative of the organizers

  • Members of the Juries should not disclose to the media or other any interested parts, details about the award procedure before the official announcement. Moreover, they should not express their opinion about the participating films outside the committee meetings and before the official announcement.

  • Decisions are taken by rules of simple member's majority

  • In case of a missing member and the event of a tie, the president has the casting vote Award reasoning will be issued and announced for the winning films

  • The Award Juries have the privilege to deny assigning any of the awards described in these terms and regulations


  • 1st International Award

  • 2nd International Award

  • 3rd International Award

  • 1st Feature European Award

  • 1st Short European Award

  • 1st Feature Greek Award

  • 2nd Feature Greek Award

  • 3rd Feature Greek Award

  • 1st Short Greek Award

  • 2nd Short Greek Award

  • 3rd Short Greek Award

  • Special Jury Award

  • Directing Award

  • Photography Award

  • Editing Award

  • Original Music Award

  • Festival Awards

  • Audience Awards


  • The Organizers of the festival have the right to compose the festival program and make changes when necessary
  • The Producer of the Documentary is responsible for its viewing licenses and copyrights according to Law

  • The mp4 or mov will be secured at the festival archives

  • The film copies will be returned (on festival expenses) to the director. One viewing copy which will be kept in the Festival Archive/Library. Copies sent to abroad will bear the sign: «No Commercial Value. For Cultural Purposes Only»

  • All applications will be handled cautiously. However, the Festival does not commit itself against any case of damage or loss of films/ /DVD etc. The films will be properly secured in the festival archives. In case of damage or loss of film copies, the festival is responsible for the value of the storing media only (hard disk/DVD) of the copy

  • The decision of the organizers upon the interpretation of the above terms and decision is final

  • By submitting an Application form to IDFI the director/producer accepts the above Terms and Regulations

  • Any legal issue will be confronted against Greek Courts, according to Greek Law