The Council of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra and Awards and the Artistic Director Mrs. Eleni Vlassi, publicly thank the producers and directors who granted free promotional rights for the entire period of confinement due to the pandemic of Convid-19, honoring them with a Special Award.

kopi pitas2020


hong1       Hong Kong Please Shining Again

Dir.: Jin Huaqing

A storm of amend the legislation in 2019, the violence of lawbreakers destroy Hong Kong, has caused the world-famous "Pearl of the East" to fall into turmoil and sink.

These lawbreakers do not hesitate to bury the interests and well-being of the people of Hong Kong, and link up with external forces to chaos Hong Kong.

Faced with such a disordered Hong Kong, people can't help but ask, where should Hong Kong goes in the future?