For the first time, woman, the new member of the Jury of the 5th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra

Marinella Vlahaki - Writer, actor 

Marinella Vlahaki is a writer and actress who was born in Hania where she lives and works.  In 2000 she established the Theatrical Company “Violetta” having in mind to contribute to the cultural improvement of the town. Until today she has enacted twenty (20) performances in which she is usually the director preferring literary works of  Papadiamantis, Roides, Vizyinos, Zweig, etc. As an actress, she has acted for the theatre, the television and the cinema. Her literary work varies. She has published seven poetic collections, two collections with short stories, eight books for children, the novel “Silence s'ilvousplaît” and four theatrical pieces.


The International Documentary Festival Ierapetra is organizing this year's 5th event from 4 to 9 August 2018. The Festival will be dedicated to gender equality. It will refer to the elimination of all kinds of discrimination between men and women so that both legally and effectively have the same rights and obligations. Through this action, we will show the female Artist as a director, producer, creator and we will aim to recognize and reward her, as well as to create positive standards for society.