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In East Asia, everyone is familiar as well as unfamiliar with the Syrian war and the European refugee crisis. It is strange that it does not happen to everyone while it is familiar that people can always get some relevant information from all kinds of news.

Director Jianan FAN, as a Chinese who has received many years of film education abroad, has always had great interest in all kinds of international hot spots and multiculturalism and religion. In May 2017, taking the opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival, the director met an overseas Chinese photographer named Zhilei ZHANG in France. The two men immediately set out with four mobile phones to reverse discover the Syrian Refugees’ European flight.

 jianan 1The director Jianan FAN and photographer Zhilei ZHANG of the Bridge to Paradise are with Syrian refugees in Turkey


There are all kinds of difficulties in the shooting and production of the film, and in face of the difficulties, two Chinese individual investors have been firmly standing behind the director. It has given a great deal of help to the director both materially and spiritually. They are two great Chinese women , one named Yiling WU, and the other named Guoping ZHANG.

Yiling WU graduated from Zhejiang University, the top 100 university in the world, and then received a master's degree in creative and cultural industry management from the Open University of Hong Kong. While Yiling WU insists on the artistic pursuit of film and television works, she is also sensitive to commerce. In recent years she has invested and participated in the production of many popular film and television works like Transformers 5, spies, Carving, Shanhai Battlefield, The Sword, etc. She enjoys the reputation of “angel investor” in Chinese culture circle.

jianan 2Yiling WU, an investor of the Bridge to Paradise


GuopingZHANG was a global asset allocation practice expert before contacting the cultural industry and previously served as the Executive Financial Planning Consultant in the private bank of Citibank. She cultivated several Top Sales for many consecutive years and won “The Best Coach” Award in Asia Pacific. She also set a new record for the family trust industry with Yixin's famous four-handed bomb. Guoping ZHANG not only actively participates in the Chinese culture, but also makes a difference in the field of public welfare. She took a stake in the list of the Chinese writers in 2018, founded Langsheng Cultural Media with Yiling WU, and launched the Autism Public Welfare Fund in Shanghai, China's economic center.

jianan 3
Guoping ZHANG, an investor of the Bridge to Paradise


In addition, the director would like to thank everyone who made efforts for the Bridge to Paradise, especially producer Ben NIU. It is with everyone’s efforts that the Bridge to Paradise has achieved today’s success.

jianan 4
Ben NIU, the producer of the Bridge to Paradise


In March 2018, the director got a degree of MFA by this film in Chung-Ang University, South Korea.

jianan 5
a map for the shooting route of the Bridge to Paradise




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