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The department is divided into 2 sections and hosts: in the first, documentary films, short, medium and length, exclusively from European member states, while in the second, films from every corner of the rest of the planet ...

Greek Competition

The department hosts short, medium and feature length documentaries, exclusively by Greek artists, whether they live in Greece or from Greeks living and working anywhere on the Earth ...


Cinematic Panorama Documentary, short, medium and feature length, by creators living and working anywhere on the planet, regardless of their citizenship

menos deliotzakis

Graduated at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, and Directing at the Stavrakos School.

Since 1990 he has been working in the field of cinema, television and theater.

Head of the department of dramatized programs at ERT and since 2008 director of the program of short films "Microfilm".

He worked as deputy head of the program at ERT.

He has been a member of the Scripts and Costs Committee. Representative of ERT at the Monitoring Committee for the Implementation of the Programming Agreement, between ERT, Hellenic Film Center and Mediterranean Film Institute. Head of the committee for the financing of short and long films. Member, as representative of ERT, organizing committees and evaluation committees for short films, at the Panhellenic Student Competitions "One Planet ... one Opportunity" since its inception.

He has directed three short films, about thirty documentaries and two contemporary operas, "Therama" in 2012 and "Passion" in 2014.

His latest productions, the documentary series "The Dark Turtledove", for Alexandros Papadiamantis, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death and the documentary "The History Is Me" for Andreas Lentakis, with whom he participated in many domestic and international festivals. He was awarded the Best Creative Documentary Award at the London Greek Film Festival.

2020: President of Film Committee at Greek Radio Television (ERT S.A.)

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Juries 2020

Preliminary Jury
7th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra &awards and
1st International Festival for Fiction Movies &awards:

  • Helen Vlassi
    Artistic Director Of International Festival of Ierapetra, Joyrnalist, Producer, Director, Writer
  • Kostas Konstantinidis
    Film Critic, Member of: Panhellenic Cinema Critics Association and Hellenic Greek Academy
  • Christos Solomos
    Actor, Director 
  • Giorgos Kourgianidis
    Vice President of International Festival of Ierapetra, Interventional cardiologist, Writer, Producer
  • Panagiota Tsevi
    Lawyer, Author

Juries of 7th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra &awards

Honorary President of International Festival of Ierapetra &awards
Christoforos Haralampakis
Professor of Linguistics at the School of Philosophy, Faculty of Philology, Department of Linguistics at the

Jury Of Greek Documentary Competition

  • President: Menos Deliotzakis
    Civil Engineer, Director, President of Film Committee at Greek Radio Television (ERT S.A.)
  • Ioanna Spiliopoulou
    Editing, Director
  • Panagiotis Sarris
    Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Exeter, (School of Biosciences)

Jury Of International Documentary Competition

  • President: Lefteris Haritos
  • Christos Karakepelis
    Director, Writer, Producer
  • Michel Garance

Jury of 1st International Festival for Fiction Movies &awards

  • President: Giannis Soldatos
    Publisher, Litterateur, Producer, Director, Writer
  • Vasilis Kechagias
    Film Critic, Film Critic, President of Pan-Hellenic association of film critics
  • Penny Panagiotopoulou
  • Pavlos Methenitis
    Writer, Journalist
  • Thanasis Neofotistos
    Director, Director, Head Programmer of International Student Competition of the 43rd Drama International Short Film Festival