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Documentary | 2017 | Col | 24m


In February 2016, the world was gripped by the photo of a starved-to-death boy, accused of witchcraft and banished by his family and community. The two-year-old was extremely emaciated. He was living on the There are countries where thousands of children who are claimed witches are abandoned, tortured or even murdered. This tradition is followed by an ethnic group Bariba, living in the northern part of Benin. Its members believe that child-witches are those that have been “wrongly born”; for instance, those born in the breech position, with their head down or with tooth buds. The Bariba people don’t believe that such a child can be “cured” – the tradition is ruthless: they have to die. streets for 8 months. He was eating scraps thrown by passers-by. In order to help children like him, Dominika Kulczyk and her Foundation reaches out to African Benin. 22-year-old Djamila was one of such children. She was miraculously saved by her aunt and a Catholic priest. Dominika Kulczyk will meet them, and she’ll also visit the SOS Children’s Village, where Djamila and other saved children have been raised. Kulczyk Foundation supports children’s nutrition in Benin.

Director: Marcinowska Ewa
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2017
Country of origin: Poland


1st Short European Award

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