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Original title: TERRA BRUCIATTA

Documentary | 2017 | Col & B/W | 1h 38m


November 1st 1943, in Conca della Campania, a tiny village in a south Italian province, 19 civilians are slaughtered by a Nazi patrol. Graziella Di Gasparro, daughter of one of the fallen, strenuously fought for years to keep alive the memory of that forgotten massacre. The murder of Graziella’s father was the brutal epilogue of the German occupation of that area. Graziella di Gasparro, on November 1st 2016 - after years of suffering and struggles - finally had a day of relief from her tragic family story. In fact, on the 73rd commemoration of the massacre, the German ambassador in Italy attended the institutional ceremony in order to demonstrate the commitment of German govern to reconcile the two European Countries.

Director: Gianfrancesco Luca
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2017
Country of origin: Italy

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