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Documentary | 2016 | Col | 16m


The 2017 short documentary film "Unwelcome" takes an unusual approach in covering the Syrian war by giving the microphone to a six year old refugee boy and letting him narrate the film himself. In "Unwelcome" we meet six-year old Menwar, who lives in a tent at a gas station in Greece. He and his family fled the bloody conflict in Syria, hoping to start a new life. But when they finally reached Europe, they found a continent that did not want them; a continent that had closed its borders. With heartwarming moments and humor, “Unwelcome” offers a unique invitation into the lives of these children who so violently have been forced to flee their homes. The film stands apart from other short documentaries in that so much happens in such a short time and that the film crew is there as it happens: onboard a Frontex police boat on a sharp mission, living in the refugee camp, running into a dark forest with six year old Menwar and other terrified refugees followed by police sirens and blue lights. "Unwelcome" brings you straight into the action, fear, drama and chaos these children are forced to live through while on the run - all of it narrated by Menwar, and shown through the eyes of a child. This is Menwars story. This is the true story about the Syrian war. It’s not the rebels, the bombs, ISIS or the army or the ghost cities. It’s the victims of war. And who are more the victims than the children?

Director: Myklebost Ida Theresa
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2016
Country of origin: USA

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