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Original title: ΠΑΝΤΕΛΟΝΙΑ ΧΟΡΟΥ

Documentary | 2019 | Col & B/W | 26m


Autobiographical documentary. Beginning with character development in childhood, it reaches the time when I started my occupation with the Argentinean Tango. The integration, progress and recognition efforts I have made are correlated with the correlation weaknesses that exist in every competitive environment. The basic question is whether only compliance and obedience contribute to evolution. Both creatively and artistically. Edward Limonov, a Russian subversive writer who was inspired to answer the question, appears as a guest hero. The basic element that made him a model for my shuddering self is the vitality and the ignorance of danger that lived in his turbulent life, on the opposite side of mine.

Director: Papamichail Nontas
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2019
Country of origin: Greece

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