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Original title: ΘΥΣΑΝΟΣ

Documentary | 2019 | Col | 44m


A man with great talent in his hands. A painter that never ceased studying history. He was disclaimed decades ago his PhD about the civil war in Yugoslavia, as he did not "eliminate" two chapters of it. Earlier, as a student in the US, he suffered from the modernity trends. Social matters are evident in his reality depicting works with touches of surrealism. He was not notified of producing a documentary, yet of two interviews. The one with him alone, the other with his mentor, Mile Bjelajac, as well, Head of the Institute of Recent History of Serbia. By the time, the documentary's production finished, we were happily informed, that Nikos Glynias, would travel to Serbia to finish his PhD! Intermittent to the interviews, is video art footage with Nancy Diomantaraki as "Art" and Antonis Vasilakis as Nikos Glynias. During the video art sections we perceive the explanation of the title of the documentary: θύσανος - tassel

Director: Kapetanakis Matthaios
Type: Documentary
Year of completion: 2019
Country of origin: Greece
Production: CRETE DOCS O.E.

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