Greece - Crete - Ierapetra August 2020
7th International Documentary Festival & awards
1st International Film Festival of Crete & awards

With great joy and deep emotion, I welcome you all to the "7th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards".

In spite of the hard times that humanity is going through, the "International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards", always devoted to its international cultural objectives, draws its curtain this year through our website's channel. For the last 6 years, our open air cinema, the coastal square of our city, the screening spaces of Lasithi Prefecture and all the international screenings in the countries where the Festival travelled were overcrowded, so in the same way we invite you all this year to open up horizons for journeys all over the world.

Images, emotions and experiences, will fill up our online screenings for a magical journey through 173 Greek and foreign films. This summer, we will all meet here in the South through Internet, and this means a new challenge for us. Our innovation this year, is the opening of the "1st International Film Festival of Crete & Awards", with competing fiction films.
The city of Ierapetra is the gate to The Mediterranean Sea, a crossroads of continents and civilizations, and as such, images and sounds from all over the world will meet again here, creating for one more time a welcoming cove.
Because Art is always more strong than our trials.
I thank you and welcome you all from all over the
world to our magical journey through our website's channel.
Eleni Vlassi

Artistic Director of the "International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards"
and of the "International Film Festival of Crete & Awards"

All the movies

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Opening Movie 1
Greek LL Fiction Movies 4
Greek shL & medL Fiction Movies 38
Greek LL Documentary Movies 15
Greek shL & medL Documentary Movies 33
International/European LL Documentary Movies 19
International/European shL & medL Documentary Movies 16
Panorama 30
Eleni Vlassi: Research/Recording/Identification 15
Menelaos Kirlidis: Portraits 4
Tzanetos Komineas: Archaeorama 3