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The department is divided into 2 sections and hosts: in the first, documentary films, short, medium and length, exclusively from European member states, while in the second, films from every corner of the rest of the planet ...

Greek Competition

The department hosts short, medium and feature length documentaries, exclusively by Greek artists, whether they live in Greece or from Greeks living and working anywhere on the Earth ...


Cinematic Panorama Documentary, short, medium and feature length, by creators living and working anywhere on the planet, regardless of their citizenship

enxy wu

Producer, Entrepreneur, independent producer previously based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and now moved to Beijing. Her feature-length productions include Dark Red Forest (Selected in MiradasDoc 2019).

In addition to being a producer, Enxy also has experience in distribution and event organizing.

She had been invited to be present in Cannes  Film Festival 2018 as a great young producer.

She also had been running a creative film studio which called Why Not Film Studio since 2015.  She has been scouting Chinese films for many international film festival from 5 more different countries.

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