International & European Competition 

The department is divided into 2 sections and hosts: in the first, documentary films, short, medium and length, exclusively from European member states, while in the second, films from every corner of the rest of the planet ...

Greek Competition

The department hosts short, medium and feature length documentaries, exclusively by Greek artists, whether they live in Greece or from Greeks living and working anywhere on the Earth ...


Cinematic Panorama Documentary, short, medium and feature length, by creators living and working anywhere on the planet, regardless of their citizenship

5th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra

Dear Friends, 
Pictures and sounds, landscapes and people travelled from all over the world and find welcoming anchorage on the South, in the town of Ierapetra and become scenes and emotions in the cloth...


Festival of Ierapetra 2018

Untitled Document

Years   5
Participation of States   97
Total movies   381
Short films (≤ 60')   231
Long films (≥60')   150
Total view hours   334
Total longs view hours   125
Total shorts view hours   210
Directors   394
Men   275
Women   116
Groups   1

5th Festival

Untitled Document

European LL Movies   14
European shL & medL Movies   13
International LL Movies   16
International shL & medL Movies   16
Greek LL Movies   10
Greek shL & medL Movies   22
Panorama   43


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Total moviesper year

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0 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
LL 11 15 39 74 71
sL 8 12 23 45 37
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