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Αντώνης Κόκκινος

Helen Vlassi

Eleni Vlassi has been the artistic director of the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (Awards) since its first edition in 2014.

She is a journalist, member of the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers and of the “European Documentary Network”. She has worked on television as a journalist, presenter, chief editor (for Alter, Extra, as a freelancer for Mega, ERT and foreign channels) and was employed for 12 years by “Vradini” newspaper. She has been involved in directing and producing several documentaries in Greece and across the world. Her films have participated in Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, Chalkida International Documentary Festival and the Mediterranean Documentary Festival “MEDIMED” in Barcelona. Among her best-known titles are: “The Land of the Weeping Gods”, “A god is born,” “Olive Roads”, “CHRYSI”, “In the shadow of Atlas”, “Without Motherland”, “Dimitris Liantinis”, “Dominica” “Guadeloupe”, “Series of 20 documentaries on Morocco, 15 documentaries on Jordan, 7 on the Azores, 4 on the Caribbean”, etc.

Γιάννης Σολδάτος

Fanis Douskos

Fanis Douskos was born in Kouklioi, in the regional unit of Ioannina.

He studied Direction and Photography at Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos (1971-1973) and at Papantonopoulou School of Cinema and Television (1967-1970).

He worked for 30 consecutive years as a filmmaker on Greek Television (ERT SA). He has worked on many documentaries in Greece and abroad, among which:

“Greeks in May 1968”, “Istanbul: the great persecution of ‘55”, “Ancient Messina: the revelation of the City of Sculptures”, “Nikos Svoronos”, “Solomos of the Greeks”, “Literature of the Resistance”, “Nikos Poulantzas”, “Nikos Mandilaras” and “Berlin: Capital of Culture”.

He is also an academic in the field of Sociology, an author and a lawyer.

Ανδρέας Τύρος

Philippos Nikolopoulos

He is a professor of Sociology, an author and a lawyer, but is also interested in literature. He is a member of the Greek Philosophical Society, the Greek Authors’ Society, the Scientific Council of the Environment and Sustainability Chamber and CEO of the International Centre for Historical, Social and Political Research (DIKIPOKE).