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Αντώνης Κόκκινος

Antonis Kokkinos

Graduate of the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. He has also studied Direction at Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos.

Ανδρέας Τύρος

Ruard Wallis de Vries

Ruard Wallis de Vries (1967), brother of Sanne, has lived and worked for a long time in Greece, where he organized film festivals among other. He has been working at the European Commission. Since the 90s’ he publishes regularly on Greece. His house on Leros is inhabited by his parents.

Γιάννης Σολδάτος

Yiannis Soldatos

Author, director and publisher Yannis Soldatos was born in Lefkada in 1952. He is founder and director of “Aigokeros” publishing house, which has published more than 200 books on cinema and more than 400 literary books. He also authored several books: “In the constellation of Aries,” “Scary stories” “Martial stories”, “The Riddle”, “Eve, the lover of vampires,” “The error,” “Underwater Love”.

Δημήτρης Καλαντίδης

Aris Kalogeropoulos

Aris Kalogeropoulos is a Greek internationally renowned photographer from Germany, where he lives and work for the past years. He managed to become the most viral Greek photographer with two imaginative projects.

E. Raftopoulos

He was reporter for the Greek channel tv ANT1, freelancer in many Greek channels and magazine publisher.