Sauti ( Voices)

Director: Gayle Nosal, Beret E. Strong
Producer: Beret E. Strong, Gayle Nosal,
Editing: John Tweedy
Origin: Uganda, USA
Year: 2017
Duration: 73'33''

Sauti” (“Voice” in Swahili) follows the efforts of five young women who were brought to the Settlement as children and who, as they approach adulthood, strive to pursue their dreams for a future beyond the constraints of a protracted refugee situation in an underdeveloped host country. Though safer than they were before, little else has changed since fleeing war and persecution years ago in their home countries of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan. Transcending the label ‘refugee’ has been especially challenging for the women of Kyangwali.
“Sauti” poses hard questions and rejects easy answers. As the girls mature into women, we discover they are little different, in their most essential hopes and dreams, from us. Only the vastness of their challenges, and the simple resolve of their responses, sets them apart.

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