Director: Olivia Bickel
Producer: Hezekiah Lewis, Ana Thompson, Jonathan Mantovani,
Editing: Kyle Bowles, Adam Vincent, Jessica Tarangioli, Justin Bullock, Samantha Blemker
Photography: Ekiah Lewis, Courtney Caldwell
Origin: USA, Italy
Year: 2016
Duration: 34'30''

After risking their lives to escape injustice and pursue a better life in Europe, several dozen migrants from West Africa have found themselves trapped in a web of Italian bureaucracy. Now living in a converted hotel in the small town of Monteroduni, they face both a legal system unprepared to accommodate their needs and prejudice from the Italians who surround them. As Italy pauses the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrants, some Italians acknowledge their privilege by calling for a new conception of migration - one that better recognizes both the migrants' human rights and the history of the West.

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